The foundation of Youth Sports is built on the Y pillars of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. We do this by fostering friendships, cultivating character and instilling confidence in our youngest members.

Youth Sports develop these assets based on the philosophy that children learn best through having fun and active game play. For today’s athletes, competition is inevitable, but the Y believes there will be time for serious competition as children get older. Right now, kids just want to have fun!

The Y’s job, as the community’s resource for our youngest athletes, is to build the foundation for the love of the sport and to shape tomorrow’s athletes, today! We do this by focusing on skill development, fun drills and all inclusive game play. <

Other program components include…

  • Sportsmanship and Teamwork
  • Coordination and Safety
  • Basic Rules

Traditional Sports

Classes, age ranges and program availability vary by location.


Hit nothing but net as you improve your basketball skills, including ball control, dribbling, passing, shooting and court position.

  • Bitty Basketball (age range: 3-5)
  • Basketball Skills (age range: 6-12)

Flag Football

Enhance your skills with drills and games that focus on passing, catching, kicking, field position and more!

  • Pee Wee Passers (age range: 3-5)
  • Football Skills (age range: 6-12)

Individual Sports Instruction (age range: 6+)

Get individualized attention as you enhance and improve your sports skills. Sports instruction may include soccer, basketball, lacrosse and more (determined by the skills and ability of the instructor).


Learn and improve fundamental lacrosse skills such as cradling, passing, catching, scooping and shooting.

  • Little Lax (age range: 3-5)
  • Lacrosse Skills (age range: 6-12)


Have a blast as you improve your soccer skills, including dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control, field position, and offensive and defensive strategies.

  • Kinder Kicks (age range: 3-5)
  • Soccer Skills (age range: 6-12)

Sports Mix

Enjoy a variety of sports like basketball, soccer, flag football and more!

  • Sports Mix (age range: 3-5)
  • Youth Sports Mix (age range: 6-12)
  • Family Sports Mix (parent/child class, up to age 5)


Have fun on the diamond as you play t-ball and learn basic skills such as batting, throwing, catching and base running!

  • Tiny Tees (age range: 3-5)

Non-Sport Specific Classes

Classes, age ranges and program availability vary by location.

Cheerleading (age range: 5-8)

Flash your spirit fingers as you’re introduced to basic cheer movements and body positions, chants, jumps and more!

Fitnastics (age range: 6-12)

Improve balance, coordination and strength through use of appropriate gymnastics equipment.

Gym Games (age range: 2-4)

Enjoy a variety of fun activities and games designed to help you prepare for kindergarten gym.

Gym & Swim (age range: varies)

A combination of fun recreational gym games and sports followed by open swim time. Depending on the child’s age, hands-on parent involvement may be required in the pool and with games.

Home School PE (age range: 5-12, 13-18)

The Y offers a physical education program to children who are home schooled. Participate in general fitness, learn basic skills for various sports and more!

Miniastics (age range: 3-6)

Improve your motor skills, balance and coordination as you explore basic gymnastics skills through the use of an obstacle course, age-appropriate equipment and fun games!

Toddler Playtime(parent/child class, infants to age 3)

Increase the activity level of your infant or toddler through fun parent interactions.


Enjoy a fun class that keeps kids moving! Body awareness is developed through the use of obstacle courses and other fun equipment. The concept of taking turns, class order and sequence is introduced with a strong emphasis on socialization and motor skills, listening and group involvement.

  • Busy Bees (parent/child class, age range: 1-3)
  • Tumble Bees (parent/child class, age range: 2-3)

Leagues, age ranges and program availability vary by location.

Boys and girls will be placed on coed teams according to age. Skill development, teamwork and sportsmanship are key. Kids will improve sport-specific technique and ability in a game environment and further develop the fundamentals of the game through fun activities and league play. Score will not be kept during league games. Team shirts will be provided.

  • Basketball League (ages 4-14)
  • T-Ball League (ages 4-14)
  • Indoor Soccer League (ages 4-12)
  • Outdoor Soccer League (ages 4-12)
  • Lacrosse League (ages 4-13)
  • Flag Football (ages 6-10)
  • Floor Hockey (ages 6-12)

Some Y centers may offer specific boys lacrosse leagues and girls lacrosse leagues.

Age 16 and up. League availability and rules vary by location.

Our adult leagues are fun and competitive, but always in a respectful, non-aggressive manner. All abilities and skill levels welcome!

Coed Volleyball League

Register as a “free agent” and we’ll place you on a team with other individuals! Get friends together and register as a team! Session includes games plus playoffs. All games are played at the Y. Individual or team rates apply. Referee fees are included.

Men’s Futsal League

Futsal is a modified form of indoor soccer played with five players per side. Session includes games plus playoffs. Shin guards are required. Teams must have matching uniforms. Referee fees are included. All games areplayed at the Y.

Coming Soon…

Coed Outdoor Soccer

Age 16 and up. Drop-in availability and rules vary by location.

For those sports fans who want to stay active, but can’t commit to league play; we offer you drop-in sports! No need to form a team; just drop-in at the Y and get in on a game. All abilities and skill levels welcome!

  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball

Y Sports Camps focus on skill development, game play, drills, teamwork, sportsmanship and having FUN! Principles like everyone plays, positive competition, safety first and fair play are the foundation of our program. Players are grouped by grade/age and ability. Ultimately, our goal is to help prepare children for the next level of sports and teach them that strong character is just as important as a strong game!

Half-Day or Full-Day Sports Camps

Half-Day: Sports camps are offered in half-day morning (9am - 12pm) or afternoon (1pm - 4pm) weekly sessions; perfect for the camper who doesn't need a full day of camp! Morning camps include free A.M. extended hours (7am - 9am) and afternoon camps include free P.M extended hours (4pm - 6pm).

Full-Day: Full-day sports camps run 9am-4pm. Free extended morning and afternoon hours are available. There are three ways to participate in a full-day sports camp:

  1. Choose one half-day morning sports camp and one half-day afternoon sports camp (these can be different activities).
  2. Choose the half-day option for the sports activity of your choice. The other half of your day will be infused with traditional camp fun.
  3. Choose the full-day option for the sports activity of your choice. You'll spend the day honing your skills in various sports activites.

Backyard Games (entering grades 1-3, 4-6)

Enjoy your favorite backyard games like cornhole, ladder ball, bocce ball, flying discs, obstable courses and more!

Basketball (entering grades 1-3, 4-6)

Refine your basketball skills to help you get to the next level of the game.

Flag Football (entering grades 1-3, 4-6)

Campers will rotate through stations working on fundamentals, conditioning, strength and skills.

Rockwall (entering grades 1-3, 4-6)

Learn basic climbing techniques while being challenged with drills and games. Focus on safety and learning proper climbing skills.

Soccer (entering grades 1-3, 4-6)

Improve your soccer skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, offensive and defensive strategies.

Sports Mix (entering grades 1-3, 4-6)

Play a variety of your favorite sports!

Half-day Sports Camp Weekly Rates

Member Rate Open Rate
$94 $119

Full-day Sports Camp Weekly Rates

Member Rate Open Rate
$188 $238

Golf Camp (entering grades 2-6, 7-10; ages 7-15)

Campers will spend the week learning from PGA professional instructors at McDaniel College in Westminster, playing 9 holes on the golf course and taking a trip to Island Green. Skill instruction taught on putting, driving, wedging and more. Equipment not provided. Golf camp is full-day only.

Full-day Golf Camp Weekly Rates

Member Rate Open Rate
$260 $280

All rates includes non-refundable $25 deposit.